Chinese Cuisine Restaurant

Chinese cuisine is considered to be a very warm, oriental backdrop. The four main characteristics are the subtle combination of flavor, taste and decoration. The chef of the restaurant is often very sophisticated in the processing process to make the dishes just have a strong taste, scent perfume and beautifully decorated colors.
If you are looking for a fun place to enjoy top Chinese culinary arts, Chef of the Chinese Restaurant Tortoise Chinese Restaurant will bring you the traditional Chinese cuisine. Best.

The rich menu is made by chef Hu Chi Vy himself. You will enjoy such dishes as Sichuan Carp, Chongqing melon carp, baked eggplant, braised potato pink potato, spicy grilled shrimp spicy bean curd, Sichuan bean sauce, fried cabbage spicy ... and more characteristic dishes such as salted chicken leg made by the restaurant itself with the taste of Chinese cuisine. At Chinese Tortoise Restaurant, it is never too late to say that the dishes The food here is capable of awakening the senses by not only the aroma of scent, but also attracts customers at first sight by beautiful colors, real presentation. attractive and impressive.

Here, guests will experience a luxurious space, splendid beauty of East Asia. Large capacity for up to 180 people for large banquets.
The restaurant has 10 vip rooms with spacious space in accordance with traditional Chinese style. Bring a private space for more luxury guests.

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