Conference, Wedding

1. Wedding package
The wedding is considered as a major transition in the life of couples. In addition to the countless tasks that need to be prepared before the wedding day, organizing parties and parties is also an equally important option.
Being one of the professional places to host a wedding, Romatel will be the best choice for you. With the motto of always learning and constantly creating a new style of fashion, using modern technology such as direct wedding television on the big screen in the wedding parties, lights, cameras, images. conveyed continuously ...

The restaurant also pay attention to small details such as: tablecloths, napkins, bow ties on the seat, space, ... all harmonious and elegant combination ... give you a real party Perfect in the eyes of guests and relatives.
Ravatel - No. 01 Thanh Nien Street - Bac Giang City can accommodate up to 700 guests. The banquet hall is decorated in various styles of luxury, you can choose for yourself a space like the most. In addition, there are many different menu with different prices and special dishes Eurasia for you to choose.
Ravatel's advantage is its large grounds, yards, car parking, and ritual as well as the quality of service is constantly improved and improved, besides the package service comes with reasonable price. This place will be suitable for couples in the wedding season, giving you a perfect day.
2. Festivals, conferences, receptions
Ravatel is the center for events such as festivals, conferences, receptions. The restaurant system has special rooms, modern facilities, convenient staff professional service will bring you comfortable feeling, bring high work efficiency.
  • Welcome reception
  • Podium
  • Laser pen
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Table and chairs available upon request
  • Flickering, projection
  • fresh flower
  • Audio equipment, lighting
  • Mid-hour tea, coffee, cakes, mineral water, fruit juice, fruit ...
  • Lunch and dinner with Vietnamese, European or Asian dishes
  • Receptionist, service staff, technical staff.
Besides, there is a luxurious private space for parties, business partners. Rua Vang restaurant, has long become an ideal meeting point for successful businessmen.
3. Birthday party
365 days a year, only one day, one day you are the "main character", that day is always the most memorable occasion of each person's birthday - birthday. The birthday party is always full of laughter, full of happiness, full of memories, so can say this is the important party of each year. Holding a birthday party so real meaning and warm is what everyone wants.

Located on Hung Vuong street, in the populated area of ​​Tuan Mai shopping center and entertainment complex, No. 1 Thanh Nien street, Bac Giang city. With luxurious space, spacious, VIP system is decorated with delicate, sophisticated, with small restaurant space is designed suitable for the birthday party is warm and crowded.
Especially in Ravatel the owner of the party will become the center of attention when people appear. "Happybirthday to you", the space of the dining room will be filled with happy birthday songs and applause and meaningful gifts that the restaurant dedicated to the owner.

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