Golden Tortoise Shrimp

Coming to Restaurant Golden Lion Restaurant Golden Tortoise guests experience nearly 100 dishes on the menu, from appetizers, hot items to barbecue, seafood, seafood, fresh poultry to eat hot pot, leftovers and seasonal desserts ... All are scientifically arranged according to each separate dining area for guests to easily see and select.

Perfectly matched with hot pot hot pot is the ingredients include: American three, three pigs, lean pork shoulder, chicken thigh, salmon, shrimp, squid ... with vegetables, mushroom. Beef, pork is sliced ​​thin just eat and just dip to ripe to maintain the softness as well as natural sweet taste extremely attractive. Hot pot mushrooms with sweet taste of melted meat mixed with the water used to die especially make the hot pot become sweet natural. There are two types of hot pot and not hot spicy choice for customers.

Spacious and spacious space together with a staff of attentive service, enthusiasm ready to meet all your needs will bring you moments to enjoy the true meaning of food, have hot pot buffet. remember more than ever.

What is more attractive and interesting when gathering with friends, relatives or half of his love sitting on the hot pot hot pot. The space is polite, clean with sparkling lights, cozy.
Only with the price of 135,000 you will be spoiled for all dishes from the aperitif, hot pot here.

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